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Man completes Badminton Horse Trials course – on foot

May 15th, 2013

UK free runner, Mat Armitage took up a rather unusual challenge proposed to him by his girlfriend recently; to complete the Badminton Horse Trial course, on foot.

If you’ve seen the Horse Trials ov TV at all, it seems hard enough for the horses to complete, let alone a 22 year old man. This free runner does, however, possess some impressive parkour skills, allowing him to complete the course. Even though he completed it in an excruciatingly long 4 hours, this video shows off some of the fast-paced free running techniques he used to get round.

At Ansell’s To The Extreme Insurance, we cater for a number of extreme sports, including providing parkour/free running insurance.

Get in touch today if you fancy, maybe, completing the grand national on your feet. Look out for ‘The Chair’. That’s a big jump.

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Extreme Skipping Girl

May 8th, 2013

Eat your heart out Rocky. This girl has skills.

Adrienn Banhegyi takes to the streets of Budapest to show off her rope skills. She makes anything I’ve seen done with a skipping rope look totally lame! Adrienn is no flash in the pan, she performs her routine all over the world with Cirque de Soleil.

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Trapeze artist performs in the sky

May 1st, 2013

People within the extreme sports field are often looking to combine their chosen sport and skills with others, to create some kind of mega extreme sport. Some have been a great sucess, think parkour weighlifting for example. However, some have not been so impressive but thankfully we don’t deal with the more lame attempts of mixing extreme sports on this blog!

This latest extreme sport hybrid comes from the brain of paraglider, Gill Schneider, who dreamt up the idea of mixing paragliding with the circus. His wish was granted recently as he took the skies with trapeze artist, Roxane Giliand, to perform a truly original extreme feit.

Dangling from a 12 foot rope attached to her pilot Gill, Roxane carries out her routine at a staggering 600 metres above above the picturesque Annecy Lake in the French Alps. The background and the act itself result in a beautiful piece of filming.

The good stuff gets going around the 2 minute mark.

Ansell’s To The Extreme Insurance provide quality cover for many extreme sports, including paragliding insurance. Get in touch today to kick off your next extreme adventure.

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