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Could you do a tough mudder?

July 29th, 2016

Probably the toughest event on the planet..

Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile mud and obstacle course designed to drag you out of your comfort zone by testing your physical strength, stamina, and mental grit. With no podiums, winners, or clocks to race against, it’s not about how fast you can cross the finish line. Rather, it’s a challenge that emphasizes teamwork, camaraderie, and accomplishing something almost as tough as you are.

  • 2.5M Total Participants
  • 200+ Events since 2010
  • 6 Countries
  • 10,000 Tough Mudder Tattoos
  • £5M Raised for charity

“My first Tough Mudder was a total surprise. I started the day with one friend and finished with twelve new friends. I was able to get past my pain because of the core values of Tough Mudder—because of TEAMWORK! I am grateful to Tough Mudder because they inspired my motto “complete, not compete.” I only compete against myself. - - Haruko Harrington Chan, 2x Legionnaire

Does the video inspire you more??

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June 27th, 2016

Zorbing (globe-riding, sphereing, orbing) is the recreation or sport of rolling downhill inside an orb, generally made of transparent plastic. Zorbing is generally performed on a gentle slope, but can also be done on a level surface, permitting more rider control. In the absence of hills some operators have constructed inflatable, wooden, or metal ramps. Due to the buoyant nature of the orbs, Zorbing can also be carried out on water, provided the orb is inflated properly and sealed once the rider is inside. “Water walking” using such orbs has become popular in theme parks across the UK.

There are two types of orbs, harnessed and non-harnessed. Non-harness orbs carry up to three riders, while the harness orbs are constructed for one to two riders. Double-harness spheres have different slope requirements, and must only be operated in specific locations. The longer runs are approximately half a mile. The first zorbing site was established in Rotorua, New Zealand, by David and Andrew Akers.


  • The Guinness Book of World Records recognises two sphereing records, set over two consecutive days in 2006:
  • Longest sphereing ride held by Steve Camp who travelled 570 metres (1,870 ft).
  • Fastest sphereing ride held by Keith Kolver who reached a speed of 52 kilometres per hour (32 mph).
  • Fastest 100m in a Zorb – 26.59 seconds. Held by Andrew Flintoff who broke the record as part of his attempt to break 12 world records in 12 hours for BBC Sport Relief.

I hope they took out insurance for those records, check out this Zorbing Video..

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Fell Running

May 24th, 2016

Fell running, sometimes known as hill running or mountain running, is the sport of running and racing, off road, over upland country where the gradient climbed is a significant component of the difficulty.

The first British Fell Running Championships, then known as Fell Runner of the Year, were held in 1972. Since then the Fell Runner of the Year has taken place every year. Attracting 100’s people to participate.

The 62nd Annual 3 Peaks Race recently took place attracting 100’s of athletes to participate in one of the most physical endurance challenges.

The prestige of the Three Peaks Race was acknowledged by the World Mountain Running Association in 2008 when it was chosen to host the World Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge. This involved upgrading many areas of the organisation and the introduction of on-line entry. Although the entry limit was increased to 999, the need to protect the environment and ensure safety standards will prevent any further increase. The popularity of the Three Peaks route makes it a high profile event that receives considerable media attention and the Race has been featured in several television documentaries.

The first recorded traverse of the Three Peaks of Ingleborough, Pen-y-ghent and Whernside was in 1887 when two teachers from Giggleswick School, near Settle, claimed to have completed the walk in 10 hours. Gradually the Three Peaks Walk became an accepted feat of endurance and walking times of between five and six hours were claimed during the 1920s and early 1930s.

The first race over the Three Peaks was organised in 1954. It started and finished at Chapel-le-Dale and the winner was Fred Bagley in 3hrs 48mins. There were six starters and only three finishers. The race venue continued to be at Chapel-le-Dale until 1974 by which time the number of starters had increased to 280. The start and finish was then relocated to Horton-in-Ribblesdale where it remains. The record circuit from Chapel-le-Dale is 2hrs 29mins 53secs by Jeff Norman in 1974. This remains the fastest recorded traverse of the Three Peaks.

Take a look at the video from last years Fell race!

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