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Warning to Ex-pats Extreming it abroad

March 7th, 2012

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British Ex-pats are being warned to check the smallprint of their healthcare policies, amidstĀ  figures that expatriates are becoming more and more likely to take up an extreme sport.

MediCare International reports that 51% of respondents to its continuing poll now said they expected to take part in some kind of extreme sporting activity whilst living abroad, an encouraging 10% more than a year ago.

The research also reveals that an alarming number of international private medical insurers will not cover the cost of treating injuries sustained as a result of taking part in amateur sports deemed to be extreme or dangerous, the type of activities becoming more poular with expats.

Extreme sports such as bungee jumping, Cliff diving, handgliding, quad biking, sand boarding and skydiving are often excluded from policies because of a perceived greater risk of injury. But with Ansell’s Extreme Activity Insurance, you can be sure that we will endevour to give you the cover that you need, whatever the choice of your extreme sports.

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