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Taking extreme videography to the limit

March 13th, 2013

The quest to find the perfect waterfall brought together kayakers, photographers and thrill-seekers to the fearsome canyons in the Mexican region of Tlapacoyan.

Daredevil kayakers Erik Boomer, Tyler Bradt  and Galen Volckhausen were given the task of riding the rapids of the river, whilst photographer Tim Kemple captured the action from some stunning vantage points. As well as expert kayaking skills, this video also required some highly professional photograhy and videography techniques to encapsulate how dangerous and beautiful this extreme sport can be.

The most breath-taking scene required Tim to lever and suspend himself directly over the waterfall to capture the momet the kayakers took the 35 metre high drop, down the the bottom.

This short film called ‘Cascada’ shows off this extreme quest in all of its glory.

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