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November 19th, 2014

Slacklining is a practise in balance that typically uses nylon tensioned between two anchor points, the line itself is usually flat. The dynamic nature of the line allows for tricks and stunts. Slacklining has quickly become popular due to its simplicity, versatility and its ability to be practised in a variety of environments.

Styles of slacklining

  • Urbanlining 
  • Tricklining
  • Waterlining
  • Highlinning
  • Freestyle slacklining
  • Slackline yoga
  • Windlining


Waterlining is slacklining over water, this is ideal to learn new tricks or just to have fun. The slackline can be set up high over the surface of the water, close to the surface or even underneath the surface, it is important that the water is deep enough and free from any obstacles to reduce the risk of injury.


Urbanlining or urban slacklining combines all the different styles of slacklining. It is practiced in urban areas, for example in city parks and on the streets. Most urban slackliners prefer wide 2-inch lines for tricklining on the streets.


Tricklining has become the most common form of slacklining due to the easy setup of 2-inch slackline kits. Tricklining is often done low to the ground but can be done on highlines as well. A great number of tricks can be done on the line, and because the sport is fairly new, there is plenty of room for new tricks. Some of the basic tricks done today are walking, walking backwards, turns, drop knee, running and jumping onto the slackline to start walking, and bounce walking. Some intermediate tricks include: Buddha sit, sitting down, lying down, cross-legged knee drop, surfing forward, surfing sideways, and jump turns


Highlining is slacklining at elevation above ground or water. many slackers consider highlining to be the pinnacle of the sport. The longest high line walked so far is 704ft (215m) named the ‘The 13th crossing’ by Jerry Misewski on October 6th 2013 in consumnes river Gorge USA.

Slackline Yoga

Another form of slacklining is Slackline Yoga, also referred to as YogaSlacking or Slackasana. Slackline Yoga takes traditional yoga poses and moves them to the slackline. It has been described as “distilling the art of yogic concentration.” To balance on a 1″ piece of webbing lightly tensioned between two trees is not easy, and doing yoga poses on it is even more challenging

Freestyle slacklining 

Freestyle slacklining (a.k.a. “rodeo slacklining”) is the art and practice of cultivating balance on a piece of rope or webbing draped slack between two anchor points, typically about 15 to 30 feet long and a couple feet off the ground in the center. This slackness in the rope or webbing allows it to swing at large amplitudes and adds a different dynamic.


Windlining is a practice of slacklining performed in very windy conditions. Depending on the intensity of the wind, it can be difficult to remain on the line without being blown off. The sensation one experiences is like flying as the slacker must angle his body and arms in an aerodynamic manner to maintain balance.

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