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Santa Parkour

December 13th, 2010

Santa loses his marbles

It’s that time of year again but it all could have been so different if Santa hadn’t been trained in the art of parkour- widely known here as free running. This brilliant video shows a variety of different parkour shots as Santa tries to catch up with the thief that has stolen his presents!

Santa Parkour – Watch more Sports

Luckily for you and me, Santa does retrieve his misplaced gifts so we can breathe easy again. I’m sure he has adequate insurance to ensure that he is covered from unexpected injury when free running in the snowy streets- but you need to make sure you are too if deciding to partake in free running this Christmas. Ansell’s extreme activity insurance will be happy to cover you in activities such as parkour, free climbing and free diving. Remember; Santa has years of free running training under his large belt so make sure you are aware of the dangers associated with such sports.

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