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Ninja bike crash

December 24th, 2010

Lucky escape for cat-like Ninja

Many of us like to push ourselves to the limit when it comes to adrenalin-filled activities but this news report from china shows the danger that could be lurking around the corner (or crossing the middle of the road) when partaking in such pursuits as motor cycling. Miraculously this young man from china uses his amazing dexterity to survive this collision without a scratch, but the same cannot be said for his bike!

For those of you who do not happen to be trained in any kind of martial art and years of ninja school, Extreme Activities Insurance from Ansell would be a wise investment for those looking to participate in track days, or activity weekends that would include motor cycling. Insurance is also available for similar activities such as off-road dirt biking and BMX’ing.

Remember, this clip could and should have ended very differently so look out for the safety or yourself and others around you when involved in such hobbies.

John Ansell & Partners Limited can insure you for just about any activity you want!

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