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Indian Rural Olympics is Extreme

February 6th, 2013

Each year over a million spectators descend to the small town of Kila Raipur in rural India to witness a fascinating event and celebration of the country’s rich agricultural heritage – The Kila Raipur Sports Festival.

Now, you might expect an agricultural sports event to be somewhat similar to what we see on these shores; Sheepdog herding, polo and maybe a spot of Morris dancing but oh how wrong you would be.

This is no ordinary sporting event. These Indians are extreme!

My particular favourite was the over 80s 100m dash. I tell you what, I wouldn’t mind being in that sort of shape when I hit that ripe old age.

Other events include strength a endurance test that basically involves a tractor runnning over someone, people lifting heavy agricultural tools with their mouth as well as morotbike stunts and a kind of chariot race. (I have no idea how you would judge a winner from these events)

I want to go.

Check out some highlights of this year’s event here:

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