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Heavy Metal at the Commonwealth Games

July 30th, 2014

This year’s Summer sports calendar has been jam packed with high-level international sporting events, from Wimbledon, Lords and The Football World Cup to Formula 1 and The Tour de France! Not only do these competitions make for compelling viewing but they get the patriotic spirits soaring as nations rally together.

How exciting then that after such a high-profile sporting agenda, that the final, international sporting competition to be held this Summer, will be held in Glasgow with the 20th Commonwealth games.

Amongst the 17 sports taking place, weightlifting is possibly the most underrated extreme activities of the competition where athletes compete in 15 bodyweight categories. Heavier athletes can look more imposing because the amount of discs on the barbell and bar, made of steel, is actually bending, but the athletes in the lighter categories are lifting a comparative amount to their bodyweight so it’s just as impressive.

England, India, Canada, Australia and Nigeria are famed for their performances in weightlifting but there are some outsiders which will make for interesting viewing…
…. Take a look at the official website for everything you need to know and for live footage of the weightlifting you can also keep an eye here:

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