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Extreme winter activity

December 13th, 2010

Thinking of wingsuit flying this winter?

You my be planning more conventional activities this winter, for example skiing trips, but this Red Bull adventurist and base jumper achieved a well anticipated dream of his last week. In temperatures of –30c, Valery Rozov base jumped from the top of Antarctica’s Mount Ulvetanna and became the first man to do so. Valery first had to climb the 2931m high mountain before plummeting to the ground from the peak in his Red Bull wingsuit, ‘I felt like an astronaut’ Valery was quoted after taking the plunge. For more information on the stunt, here is the full article.

The extreme activity insurance from Ansell would have been the perfect choice for Valery and his amazing stunt, we cover mountain climbing insurance, wingsuit flying insurance (if you too want to ‘feel like an astronaut’), base jumping insurance and even parachute insurance. For those of you who are less inclined to jumping from the tops of mountains and prefer to stay on the ground this winter, Ansell’s skiing trip insurance is also available.

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