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Amazing canoe stunt by Jesse Coombs

September 28th, 2011

Canoeist survives dramatic 100ft waterfall drop

EXTREME stunts don’t come much more dangerous and impulsive than this next featured clip. Canoeist, Jesse Coombs, spent two days preparing for the drop to make sure that the cinematogrophy was right to capture this feat and make it look as impressive as possible. You guys can make your own minds up as to whether this guy is an exceptionally brave adventurer, or just a plain nut; bearing in mind this stunt caused Jesse a fractured shoulder and a collapsed young- the risks you take when living to the EXTREME.

Here at Ansell’s insurance we love you to take your activities to the extreme, but i’m afraid that we would not be able to cover you should you choose to emulate this incredible stunt. It’s simply too dangerous! We do, however, offer tailor made insurance for many types of great watersports, including Kayak insurance, Canoe insurance and for those living to the EXTREME even Shark fishing insurance!

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