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Airsoft gaining popularity in the UK

November 7th, 2012

A fixture in team-building and social activity for years in the UK, paintballing, is fast being caught up by one of its cooler, younger cousins of the non-fatal combat world; Airsoft.

Using BB pellets and replica guns including sniper rifles, M4s and traditional handguns, Airsoft offers the participant the opportunity of more realistic Close Quarter Combat than the awkward paintgun style shooters. There’s also not as much cleaning up at the end of the day.

With more and more locations popping up across the country, this extreme sports once cult following is now attracting more mainstream audiences. Impressive indoor arenas such as Swindon’s CQB Tactical provide brilliant apocalyptic style wars with participants battling it out in abandoned warehouses and underground basements. We’re sure to be trying out this Extreme sport sometime soon!

Here’s a taste of the action:

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