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Flying Norweigens!

February 16th, 2011

Adrenalin seeking Norweigens create extreme ski-jumping

This unbelievable video features Norway’s Johan Remen Evensen smashing the ski-jump world record by jumping an incredible 246.5 metres!

In the world of flying and jumping things just seem to be getting bigger and better on an almost weekly basis. Last month saw Valery Rozov base jump from the top of Antarctica’s Mount Ulvetanna and became the first man to do so. Now, jumpers are kicking the sport up a notch, with new equipment and new bigger hills that let jumpers soar much further than anyone has before. These jumpers have built the ultimate extreme ski-jump ramp in Norway. The jump in Vikersund has already provided this world record jump from Mr. Evensen and is sure to create more wondrous jumps soon with the World Cup coming up soon.

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