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Scottish Daredevil Defies the Odds

May 2nd, 2012

We have another courageous adrenaline junkie for you this week. Dean Dunbar, born in Edinburgh, suffers from a rare condition called rod and cone dystrophy which has affectively resulted in Dean losing his eyesight.

He hasn’t let this hold him back though and he caught the adrenalin bug 2 years after the condition took away his eyesight completely, partaking in a skydive for the first time in his life. Speaking to the Daily Record, Dean speaks of how he got hooked on extreme sports,

“I can’t describe the feeling I got from the experience.

“They say that drug addicts keep taking drugs so they can get the same feeling of their first high – and I feel exactly the same about the skydiving.

“By the time my feet touched the ground, I was addicted to the buzz. Now I’m constantly trying to find bigger and better extreme sports.

Dean has no plans to hang up his pulse-raising boots just yet either, with plans to swim the English channel for his chosen Scottish charity.

To read more about Dean and his extreme sports experiences, here is his interview with The Daily Record

And you can vist his personal site here, to see what his present and future extreme plans are:

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