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Rollaball – Skate Soccer

September 19th, 2012

The Paralympics may be over but the buzz from the most successful games ever is certainly not.

Straight from the street of Lagos, Nigeria, a new extreme sport for polio survivors has been created and its profile is soaring at the moment.

With a feature length film waiting in the wings, Skate Soccer is taking Africa by storm and offering the unprivileged of the continent some sort of solice from a very difficult way of life. Here’s the trailor for the film that features these amazing athletes.

Rollaball is being directed by Eddie Edwards, a much respected and influential sports documentary maker.

Edwards said to Kickoff Magazine, “When I first met the team two years ago, I knew they were something special. These guys face massive challenges off the pitch, as polio is still stigmatised in Ghana, so many of them live on the streets and beg for a living.

“But despite all the odds, they’re incredible athletes who deserve to be stars. They have inspired something in me and I believe they’ll inspire many others. Both on and off the field, their stories are legendary.”

To help make the completed documentary possible, visit

Hopefully we’ll see this inspirational sport at the Paralympic games sooner, rather than later.

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