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Patagonian Expedition Race

February 15th, 2012

Extreme adventure racing event gets underway in the wilds of Chile

If you have read the blog recently, you would have noticed that we’ve become interested in featuring adventure endurance races, such as Tough Mudder and Spartan Race; but we think we may have just found the best one yet. The Patagonian Expedition race tests athletes from around the world on this gruellnig race across rugged Chilean terrain. Competitiors have to navigate mountains, glaciers, fjords, islands and pristine forests in a wild and uncompromising territory. Each year sees a different route for the people taking part and this largely undiscovered part of the world can reveal adventures and secrets still to be unveiled in the southernmost area of South America. The people taking part  may, in fact, not see another living being for hundreds of kilometres. This is a real test of extreme endurance!

Pategonia Chile

The extreme event feautures many different disciplines in order to complete the event in the quickest time. They need to have rope skills for acsending the mammoth hills, as well as navigating down them. Double kayaks will be used to navigate fjords, lakes, rivers and/or channels. Throughout the race the teams will have to ride long distances on mountain bike, a test for even the seasoned cyclist. Each section presents a different geographic landscape, testing the competitors to the max and giving them varying degrees of extremes. The race course includes several trekking sections. The competitors will have to face diverse geomorphologic and climatic conditions when taking on the epic route.

This years race kicked off yesterday (14th Feb) and you can follow the race via their website.

Do you fancy taking part in this beast of a race, or maybe one similar? Maybe you are training in some of these disciplines, do you need Mountain biking insurance? Kayaking Insurance? Or even trekking insurance? Get in touch today to get yourself adequately covered.

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