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What Will be Your ‘Olympic Legacy’ Sport of Choice?

March 28th, 2012

As the sun is shining in the UK at the moment, we’ve been discussing the different sports that will be coming to our doorstep in London this summer, during The Olympics. We’ve previewed the more extreme options in previous posts, including Slalom Kayaking and BMX racing, but what about the other, less extreme sports?

Beach volleyball has already been earmarked as a favourite event for MPs and civil servants, with the Government spending £26,000 on 410 tickets.  I think we can all guess why…

Beach Volleyball

But what sports are out there we can can realistically get involved with after the Olympics has gone? We are forever hearing the term ‘The Olympic Legacy’ and the contribution that The Games will have on our nation as a whole. Sports like Athletics and Swimming will naturally see an increase in participation and maybe even cycling, but I can’t see numbers of kids turning their backs on kicking a footie around in the street and venturing down to a local sports facility to fence or curl.

I personally looking forward to some BMX racing, which is always a thrilling watch. I’m also intrigued to see how the Great Britain Football Team will fare and which golden oldies will surface nearer the time, trying to get a place  in the team.

Hopefully there will be an upturn in attendance to sports clubs across the country, no matter what the sport is. We do have hope the Olympics can inspire some sort of ‘go out and try something new’ attitude from the people of Britain.

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