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Olympic Village Misses out on Samba Flavour

July 25th, 2012

It was reported this week that the Brazilian Olympic football team would not be staying in the Olympic Village for the duration of their stay in the football tournament; which, if you saw the warm up game against Team GB, could be right ’til the end.

The ‘Samba Boys’ have been kept away by their coach, Mano Manezes, who decided the Olympic Village offered too many temptations for his players, renowned for being lovers of a good party. Many Brazilain players have succumbed to their partying instincts in the past, with many hitting their peak in their mid 20’s, followed by a sharp decline, usually culminating in them heading home to samba away the rest of their careers. In the past you had greats such as Jairzinho and more recently the likes of Ronaldinho and Adriano, to name but a few that have followed this short but spark filled career at the top of their game.

Looking at this latest crop of brazilian talent, they seem as if they also know how to have a good time. This clip, fronted by Spur’s player Sandro, Sees the team in enjoying themselves as only the Brazilains can. Could you imagine Ryan Giggs pulling out a guitar and leading a sing song in front of the cameras, with Aaron Ramsey and Micah Ricahrds singing along with him? No, us neither.

I’m not sure whether I feel more sorry for the Brazilians, who will have no other nations to party the night away with at or the other athletes staying in the village, who will miss out on the impromtu sing songs and samba sessions.What’s for sure is the place will be a much quieter one, without the boys there.

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