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Octopush (Underwater hockey)

September 17th, 2014

YES.. i am thinking the same as you, what is octopush? Well today i discovered what the extreme sport of octopush is (basically a fancy name for underwater hockey) and i can say it looks rather fun, but very energetic and a lot of work.


octopush originated in the England in 1954 by Alan Blake, Blake invented the game as a means of keeping the clubs members in his local community active over the cold months when open-water diving lost its appeal.

The game consists of 8 team members hence the “octo” in which players wear a diving mask, snorkel, fins and carry a short tiny shuffle stick in one (either) hand for playing the puck, hence the “push”  the game is two halves, typically 10-15 minutes long. often the players who are most successful in this game are strong swimmers who have great ability to hold and recover their breath and are able to produce great speed underwater whilst demonstrating learned skills in puck control. it combines the skills of hockey and the speed and strength of swimming.

The first underwater hockey championships washeld in canada in 1980, at the moment ocotpush isn’t an olympic sport but i am sure by the year 3000 everything will have changed and they’ll soon live underwater.

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