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Cycle Star Lance Armstrong may be going too Extreme!

May 23rd, 2011

Fresh allegations arise about Lance Armstrong

The Pro Cycle circuit is one of the most Extreme sports out there when it comes to sheer endurance and determination. The 3,471 kilometres that are completed during the Tour De France are testament to this. But just how far can one person push their body without needing a helping hand from Performance Enhancing drugs?

The Cycle sports talismanic figure, the almost Superman-like Lance Armstrong, Who has fought cancer and won… has had claims made against him that he has used certain drug enhancements in order to stay at the top of his game. Former Pro cycler Tyler Hamilton has exposed the news that is sure to shock the sporting community, who see Armstrong as an inspirational figure. This is not the only time that similar allegations have been made against Lance Armstrong and I’m sure this time around it will not be passed off as hearsay.

If you are thinking about or hoping to embark on a cycle tour, Ansell’s could tailor make your cycle tour insurance- no matter how extreme your route may be. Here’s a video of the Tour De France 2011 Route for inspiration:

Our Thoughts are also with Cyclist Xavier Tondó’s family after his tragic death today.

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