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Homemade Bungee jump

December 26th, 2010

Just another day in Eastern Europe…

This winter will no doubt provide the public with a number of extreme activities to indulge in.  You may choose skiing, you may choose snowboarding, you may even choose to take up tobogganing. But, to this group of Eastern Europeans in the following video, the snow is completely irrelevant. It’s just another day in the abandoned tower block, and they want to bungee jump. The fact that they don’t have any of the correct equipment will not stand in their way!

Bungee jumping is available across the world at any time of the year, making it a very popular thrill-seeking activity.  I’m going to have to insist however that you do take every precaution necessary in order to keep yourself safe, unlike our friends in the video. Ansell’s extreme activity insurance is the safest way to cover yourself and others when partaking in activities such as bungee jumping and others similar such as skydiving, BASE jumping and abseiling.

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