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Himilayan Peak BASE Jump

June 6th, 2012

Rock climber and wing suit jumper, Valery Rozov sets new BASE jump record

The Russian legend of extreme sports yet again found himself staring death in the face as he leapt from a staggering 6,543 metres from the top Shivling, a mountian in the Indian region of the Himalayas.

The expedition to the top of the mountain lasted 30 days, which included a 6 day ascent. Once the summit was reached it took him just 90 seconds to BASE jump to the bottom in his wingsuit.  After stopping to catch his breath, Valery found a perfect take-off spot at 6420mt. Just 90 seconds later, having hit speeds of 200km/h as he sped through the air, the Russian landed 2200m further down on the glacier.

The other expedition members took three whole days (!) to complete the descent.

As you may be aware, this is not the first time that Rozov, who describes himself as a ‘BASE climber’ has pushed himself to the  limit. The 47-year-old Russian’s breathtaking feats, such as jumping into the active volcano Kamtschatka (2009) and from Ulvetanna Peak in the Antarctic (2010), have made him famous the world over.

Here is Rozov in action as he BASE jumps into an active Volcano!

This jump comes just two weeks after we saw Gary Connery plumit to the Earth in a wingsuit without a parachute and we also look forward to seeing the Red Bull stratos mission completed this year. I wonder what leaps of faith we will be seeing next week?

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