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Hilarious Hazard video

January 30th, 2013

This has to be up there with one of the most entertaining videos so far in 2013.

We all know about the incident involving Chelsea whizz-kid, Eden Hazard last week. With his side losing an important cup semi-final tie against Swansea, the game entering its closing stages, the ball runs out of play only to be picked up by a Swansea ball boy. The ball boy proceeds to lie all over the ball in order to waste time for his team and Hazard tries to retrieve the ball by kicking it our from underneath the time-wasting ball boy.

The ball boy then reacts as if he has broken his liver and writhes around in pain on the floor, getting up with the aid of two colleagues, limping off to undergo immediate life-saving surgery (or, to have a laugh with his mates).

Hazard was sent off for his actions and is pending further punishment from the FA.

Taiwanese animation company, NMA,  have a habit of poking fun at news stories from across the world and their take on this incident is brilliant:

IF this ball boy continues to act in this mannor going about his duties, he may wish to contact us to get some top-notch Ball boy insurance!

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