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New Hungarian Extreme Sports…Thing

April 11th, 2011

One wheeled invention the new teen craze in Budapest

On this blog we have covered a number of new and innovative extreme inventions, some of which really do look like they pack a real buzz. Some of which are just ridiculous (uh um), but I have to say, this interesting little thing from Hungary is probably one of the better new extreme sports toys to be unveiled. The Gauswheel, invented by 2 Hungarian engineers has become the must have item amongst the urban crowd in the country’s capital. It is said that the product  ‘provides you with a similar experience of skiing as those techniques are required to be able to use and enjoy the device even short of snow-capped peaks just throughout the squares of Budapest.’ Now, I think that they are trying to say that the Gauswheel offers you the chance to feel as if you are skiing on dry land. Check out this video to witness what it has to offer:

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To read more about the Gauswheel, visit their website here,

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