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Fastest Flying Human is a Brit

July 11th, 2012

The Norweigian mountains were the venue for an adrenalin packed tournament over the weekend, as people from across the world flocked to compete in the World BASE Race. The Race ultimately reveals the world’s fastest flying human being; this year it just happened to be a Britain called Tony Uragallo.

From what we’ve been able to gather online, it looks as if this result was a big upset, as Tony beat 2 time winner and favourite for the title, Frode Johannesson. What can we say? Us Brits love an underdog; even when they happen to be a 59 year old BASE jumper.

This race is a sprint event that pitches competitors in head to head jumps down the side of a cliff. The winner of the race is the flyer who can reach a certain distance in the shortest amount of time.

Taking place in the beautiful Norweigian mountains, The World BASE Race looks like a real crowd pleaser. It seems like perfect event to check out if travelling across Scandinavia in the coming years.

Check out this intimate diary of the day featuring the man himself, Fastest flying man in the world, Tony Uragallo….

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