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Extreme Space Freefall

February 8th, 2012

Red Bull’s extreme sports sponsorship extends to space

I’m sure you would have noticed in the news the last few days that an epic sky dive will be attempted from 120,000 ft, where the jumper is likely to reach the speed of sound within 40 seconds. There are many extremely dangerous factors to the jump including his blood boiling, spinning out of control and running out of oxygen. There is a wide range of high-tech equipment and a super space suit that make this incredible feat possible and it hasn’t escaped our notice that Red Bull’s logos are plastered all over them!


Over the last year or two they really have gained a monopoly within the extreme sports world and are you now associate the brand with high intensity, adrenalin fuelled sports. We’ve featured articles ranging from Cliff diving to Crashed Ice and Motorsport and all have those cheeky Red Bull’s poking out in the background somewhere!

Well, we say fair play, any franchise that has gained a blanket over some of the toughest sports and stunts in the planet gets the thumbs up from us!

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