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Extreme mountain unicycling

April 24th, 2013

You may think of unicycling as one of those odd-ball activities that you see performed once in a blue moon, perhaps at a fete. There’s lots of random things going on at fetes isn’t there?

Anyway, professional uncyclist, Lutz Eichholz, has decided to take his skill on the one-wheeled device to the extreme; flinging himself down mountains to be exact. Lutz uses his skill on the unicycle to charge down treacherous mountain terrain, bunny hopping and sliding up and down these impressive surroundings.

Suddenly unicycling doens’t seem so odd, but more adrenalin packed and, most importantly, extreme!

Beware, Lutz is a professional unicyclist so I wouldn’t go trying this on your next holiday. Unless you’re a trained unicyclist that performs at fetes, of course. Maybe your mountainess escapades only stretch to walking, climbing or cycling.

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