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Extreme Exercising

March 20th, 2013

Do not try this in your gym.

Firstly, you may do some serious damage to yourself. Secondly, you’re likely to annoy every other person in the gym by showing off and hogging the equipment.

However, this clip does showcase some seriously impressive techniques and incredible strength. The guys featured in the video come from a miriad of different extreme backgrounds.

Making up the video we see techniques and agility that Damien Walters (Stuntman), Tim Sheiff (Free-runner) and Greg Townley (Tumbling champion) in the gym that these extreme athletes use when they’re plying their trade outside in their chosen fields.

We’re then treated to some spectacular tumbling action to round off the video.

Who thought you could backflip with weights?

You can check out more impressive videos from FLOW on their YouTube channel here:

Flow- The Parkour Network

Ansell’s extreme activity insurance provides top-notch parkour and free-running insurance.

We also provide excellent gym equipment insurance; this video is spreading fast, who knows what people will be trying out at their gyms this week.

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