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Extreme Base Jump

December 22nd, 2010

Ultimate rope swing in the jungle

Rope swinging has been an enjoyable past-time for many a generation but this adrenalin-seeker takes the rope swing to a whole other level. This incredible leap sees the man perform a tremendous leap into the air, concluding in a free fall and parachute landing into the jungle below. Ansell would be able to offer this man complete cover however:

Adventure holidays or adventure trips could be a perfect way to create an extreme stag do or hen do. There are many adventure parks across the U.K that cater for such events and Ansell extreme activity insurance will give you the confidence you need to enjoy it to the full. As well as having the option of individual insurance cover for yourself, there is also the option of comprehensive insurance cover for the whole group, for the whole of the trip. Contact us now with information about your trip and get a quotation for your stag do insurance or hen do insurance.

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