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Death defying kite surfing jump

December 16th, 2010

Are you planning on jumping over any piers this Christmas?

I highly doubt that any of you would have answered yes to the aforementioned question but that would not be the case if you asked Lewis Crathern, a young British kite surfing champion. An extraordinary jump over Brighton Pier had been planned for a number of weeks but it was said that Lewis had to wait for the perfect weather conditions in order to perform the jump accurately and as safely as possible. Performed just last month, Lewis braved the horrific weather conditions and completed the epic leap as he soared high above and over Brighton Pier. Each to their own:

I highly doubt that Lewis would have got insurance for the specific stunt, but Ansell’s extreme activity insurance covers a number of extreme water sports. These include kite surfing insurance, wind surfing insurance, surfing insurance, wakeboarding insurance and also jet ski insurance. All of these options guarantee you can feel safe when out there on the water.

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