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A Record Smashed- In Hot Wheels Cars

July 4th, 2012

I’m going to have a stab in the dark and guess that the majority of people reading this Extreme Activity Insurance blog would have some memory of owning and playing with Hot Wheels cars. The uniquely eccentric, colourful cars were a must have for any kid on the playground and I owned at least a box full of the things.

But imagine if someone had told you back then that you could be driving a real life version of one of these much loved cars when you’re older. For 2 extreme adrenalin junkies this epic fantasy came true last week but not only did they get to drive the Hot Wheels cars, they got to drive them around a 66ft double loop!

That’s right, those plastic loops you used to fling your beloved cars down and watch them (more than inevitably) fly off backwards and crash.

Racing driver, Tanner Faust and stuntman, Greg Tracy pulled off this simultaneous stunt to beat the previously held record of a loop standing 42ft high. See this epic stunt take place:

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